FONDS is our lively Parent-Teacher Association at Newlands School.

Our prime purpose is to support and enhance the education of all the children by providing the “extras” the school budget cannot afford. We raise funds through events such as Christmas and Summer Fayres, discos, cake sales, sponsored events and theatre outings.

Our aim is to spend the funds as we raise the money.

We have an active committee and always welcome new members.  In addition, volunteers are always appreciated for setting up, clearing away and helping at events.  If you have a couple of hours to spare you will be made very welcome.

New ideas for fundraising are also welcome – we have a red post box in the School atrium for any comments you may wish to make.

We send out newsletters to advertise our events and celebrate our successes. Look out for these coming home via the school TXTRound email system.

We hold an annual AGM at the start of the Autumn term.  All parents are encouraged to attend to see how the money we have rasied has been spent, and to offer ideas of how we can improve.  It is important that our activities reflect the needs and expectations of our families.  We are always hoping that our enthusiasm will be catching and prompt you to become a committee member!

Should you want to find out more information then please do speak to any of our members, or contact us via

Our current committee are led by the following parents:

Chair              Jayne Cox & Sarah Mansfield

Treasurer      Caroline O’Dwyer

Secretary      Michelle Brown

As well as our FONDS members, we are supported by our Friends of FONDS, parent who cannot usually make meetings but like to be kept informed of the work we are doing via email, and then offer their help when they can.  Please contact if you would like to become part of this group.

Would you like to help the PTA boost their fundraising capabilities to a much higher level, without any extra effort?

Do you work for a company that offers matched funding or allows employees time off to do charitable work or makes donations to local charities?

Newlands Primary School PTA is a registered charity and would love to be able to benefit from this generosity.

Next time you are at work, please check your work Intranet, ask your Boss, HR or Office Manager whether your company is interested in setting up a scheme, or already has one.  The PTA would love to hear from you!

This is such a HUGE fundraising opportunity that could really benefit your child’s education.

Match funding (match giving) is where the company pledges a sum of money relating the amount raised by an employee, or by an event.  Sometimes they’ll match it £ for £, or they might give a fixed amount.

Time off for charitable work – often larger companies will allow their employees a set number of days off during the working week to take part in charitable activities.  Useful activities for our school could be re-painting classrooms, manning a stall for a PTA event, xxx etc.

Sponsorship / donations – a company may offer to sponsor a specific item or event.  In return they’ll get some free advertising.  For example, donating funds, sponsoring a minibus, providing food for a BBQ, prizes for a raffle etc.

A google search can provide a list of company names who offer match funding (large shops like M&S, pharmaceutical or telecoms companies, banks/building societies, supermarkets) but even your smaller independent employer might like to be involved.

If you work for one of those companies then they may already have a procedure to follow on their intranet, or they will ask you (employee) to complete a request form. If this is not the case, please ask the company to put their pledge in writing to the PTA and email it through to

Your help is hugely appreciated in accessing these potentially very large extra funds for Newlands, FONDS and all the pupils.