Landscape Strategy

Since March 2020 as a school we have been working with Catherine Eldred, the Principal Landscape Architect with the Hampshire Landscape Strategy Team. Catherine has led two workshops exploring where we are and where do we want to be. This has culminated in our Landscape strategy plan, which you can read here.

Location 5, The Courtyard – Is used as a quieter space for pupils to spend their break times. Despite feeling ‘calm’ it is also ‘tired and empty’. The average score for quality was 6/10 which was the same in terms of usage. See the gallery to see the evolution of this area.

Location 9, The Outdoor Classroom – is used for reading and resting, particularly in the summer. It feels ‘uninviting’ as it is slightly ‘cold and alone’. In terms of quality it was scored 5/10 and the same was given for usage as it is sometimes designated as out of bounds.

Location 14, Doesn’t have a name but it’s ‘Near the Footpath’ and it’s where gardening takes place. Very little happens here apart from planting some flowers and vegetables. It is said to be another ‘empty’ feeling space. 2/10 was the score given for quality and the same was offered for how well it is used.

Location 15, The Main Entrance – is used as an access point for pupils in the junior school and all staff and visitors arriving at the school. There is a difference of opinion and how this feels as some say it’s ‘exciting’ whilst others regarded as being ‘empty’. It was a mediocre 5/10 for quality but it was 8/10 for usage as it’s an essential thoroughfare.