We warmly invite parents to visit our school along with their children.  Please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.  There is also a wealth of information on our website, which serves as a digital prospectus, but should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you decide to send your child to Newlands Primary, please download our Admissions Policy for 2023/2024.

The Hampshire County Council website will give you guidance on how to choose the right school for your child  All main round admissions are managed by Hampshire County Council Admissions Team.  For any general enquiries, please telephone 0300 555 1377.  All applications for any year group can be made via their website (see above).  Once an application is completed, we will write to you with the outcome.  If we are unable to offer a place, your child’s name will be added to our waiting list.

Admissions Policy 2023/2024

Admissions Policy 2024/2025

Admissions Policy 2025/2026

Why Choose Newlands?

Quotes from our Parents Survey. 

YR Parents

  • The outdoor space for early years is excellent.
  • There is support the both the child and the parents on all levels.
  • The school provides a safe environment and encourages the children to do their best.
  • Newlands is a friendly and welcoming school; my children are excited to go in!
  • Newlands is a tight knit community; Mr Neighbour knows all of the children by name.

Y1 Parents

  • Communication is very good and the school is very approachable and friendly.
  • Parent Days encourages parents into the school community, creating a really lovely environment for the day.
  • Outstanding teachers!
  • Being a small school it has a much more personal feel to it, which is important.
  • The level of education during lockdown was very good.

Y2 Parents

  • The children feel part of a community; the school cares about children’s mental health.
  • Phonics is engaging and enjoyable.
  • The school creates an environment where my child feels safe and enjoys attending school
  • The teachers strike a good rapport with their pupils; the children’s confidence is always high socially and academically.

Y3 Parents

  • The school ‘gets’ my son and he is doing very well in the environment.
  • The small classes make us feel every child is important.
  • Day trips and residential trips are always well planned and organised.

Y4 Parents

  • Caring teaching which nurtures good manners, care for others and social interactions and communications.
  • High level teachers who go the extra mile to ensure interactive, enjoyable teaching takes place.
  • Provision during the second lockdown was amazing!
  • We’re delighted with Newlands; the quality of teaching and the culture and philosophy embraced by staff.
  • The teacher really knows my child and makes every effort to help him progress.
  • Encouraging the child to try hard and to become resilient.

Y5 Parents

  • We’ve always liked the link between the infant and junior years.
  • Some of the teachers have been here a while and we like that familiarity where everyone knows each other.
  • The children are encouraged to develop strong values.
  • The maths provision is strong and parent sessions on how to support maths at home are very much appreciated.
  • The range of subjects taught means the curriculum isn’t limited and helps pupils feel empowered in subjects.

Y6 Parents

  • The school begins to discuss the transition to secondary school early, which helps with fears.
  • The level and variety of learning at each stage of my childs’ time has been good.

Applying for a reception place (Year R) for September 2024?

If your child is 4 or will turn 4 before 1st September 2023 and 31st August 2024, they can start school in September 2024.  Applications open on 1st November 2023 and parents can apply online at

Ahead of your visit please explore the school website and links below to get a flavour of all that Newlands has to offer.

Starting School in Hampshire – A guide for parents /carers and practitioners to help ensure the best possible start to school for Hampshire’s children

Welcome to Newlands Primary School Induction Presentation

A Video of Chestnut Class (Reception)

An example of our Induction Arrangements

An example of our Transition book

Hampshire School Readiness Leaflet

We currently have school places available for the reception class starting in September 2023. We also have a limited number of spaces in our other year groups. Our web-site serves as a digital prospectus for the school. Applications for school places are available via the Admissions page on the Hampshire website.