Physical Education

Hampshire School Games Daily Challenge

As sorts competitions are put on hold, School Games Organisers (SGOs) from across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are finding new ways to keep young people active. This week, they launched #HSGDailyChallenge to encourage pupils to stay active and compete to achieve their personal bests.

#HSGDailyChallenge will involve daily physical activity challenges for primary and secondary school pupils. The School Games Organisers will publish a new challenge every day via @HampshireSGO Twitter and Facebook channels. Those not on social media can access the challenges via email, please contact your local SGO ( Pupils will be encouraged to record their progress and improvement and compete to achieve their personal best. Outstanding achievements will be rewarded with spot prizes for individual and schools.

Follow the School Games Organisers on Twitter or Facebook to join the challenge:

Twitter: @HampshireSGO

Facebook: @HampshireSGO or search ‘Hampshire SGO’s’

It is really important to stay active whilst being at home. Here are some PE based activities which you can do individually or get as many of your family to join in with.

The Body Coach

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is sharing via his YouTube channel daily (Monday – Friday) 30 minute PE sessions which you can do anywhere within your home.

They are aimed at targeting all areas of the body – cardio, legs, arms and core. They should raise heart rate and be some light-hearted fun too.   – link to Monday’s session

Joe Wicks also has a range of exercise workouts on his YouTube channel.

Kids Hiit Workout

Hiit workouts target all areas of the body and require individuals to work for a set period of time and then rest. The following link has 20 secs of a particular exercise and then rest, the cycles are then repeated.  kids Hiit workout

Kidz Bop Kids Dance Along

Children can learn the routines to their favourite songs. There are also tutorials from some of the dancers from the Kidz Bop tour.

PE skills and techniques

If children have some equipment at home e.g. Football, goals, cones, netball, netball post, hockey stick. They can use some of the skill cards available on the website and below to develop their skills.

Practise shooting from different distances away from the goal – football or netball. If you have a brother or sister at home, defend against the goal.

Some other skills you can do:

  • Pass a ball between you using different sized balls,
  • Make the distance smaller or larger,
  • Dribble with different balls,
  • Position the cones closer together,
  • Varying the passes (shoulder, chest, bounce, overhead (football)
  • Catch with one hand
  • Throw and catch with the opposite of your writing hand.